Scientists tell about the 9 places where you should not keep your phone

Scientists tell about the 9 places where you should not keep your phone

We need them at work. We take them to school and college. We play our music through our phones while we are driving. We use our phones to stream movies and serials while waiting at the doctor’s office or traveling. Our phones have our grocery lists, our appointments and our to-do lists.
It is impossible to step out of the house and not take your phone along with you. So while you are out and about with your phone where exactly do you keep it? Here are 9 places where you should never place your phone!

Under the pillow

Don’t place your phone under your pillow and certainly don’t put it on charge and then place it under your pillow. Phones have been known to catch fire while on charging. Placing the phone under the pillow will cause the battery to heat up as it charges there is a very good chance of it exploding. So keep yourself and your loved ones safe and charge your phone away from the bed.

In a stroller

Moms, often in a hurry, may end up placing their cell phones in the strollers. Your child may take hold of the phone and while you may believe that letting him play with it will keep him occupied you may be handing him a life-long addiction. Sooner or later he will learn to open the phone, play his rhymes and games. Researchers argue that cell phone exposure may cause behavioral disorders in children. He may also drop the phone and break it, which again, isn’t the best thing to happen.
Hot places

Do not leave your phone in the car on a summer afternoon or on the beach under direct sunlight while you go in for a dip. Also, do not place phones near stoves or gas ovens. High temperatures are harmful for electronic devices and may lead the phone to overheating.

Cold places

Similarly, cold temperatures are also harmful to gadgets. If you leave your phone for too long in the car while the temperature dip below 0 degrees and then bring it back inside, condensation forms which meddles with the phones on the inside. Keep exposure to extreme temperatures minimal

Don’t leave it on charging

Don’t leave your phone to charge overnight. Whenever you put it on charging, plug it out as soon as the battery is full charged. Otherwise, battery life is shortened and it directly effects the phone’s efficiency.

Against your face

Whenever you talk on the phone, be sure to keep it away from the face at least 1-2 cm. The reason being that our hands and various surfaces contaminate the screen of our phone with a plethora of bacteria which latch onto the face when we place our ears on the phone and the screen rubs against the face

In your bra

While there is no evidence that cell phone radiation causes cancer, some scientists do argue that putting your phone in the bra may increase the risk of breast cancer.
Front pocket

Most of us place our phones in our front pockets when we are heading out. This is especially true for men who don’t carry bags. Studies prove that placing cell phones in the front pocket may directly and adversely affect the quality and quantity of sperm.

Back pocket

Also, don’t keep it in your back pocket either because you may lose it or end up sitting with the phone in your pocket and break it. Similarly, most phones are touch screen and putting it in your back pocket may result in you accidentally dialing a number

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