Curious Things in Asia That Can Bewilder Any Tourist

Curious Things in Asia That Can Bewilder Any Tourist

1. Japanese bikini jeans

2. In Japan, people eat KFC on Christmas Day.

3. Chinese parents put open-crotch pants on their children.

4. All Vietnamese people celebrate their birthdays on the same day.

5. Japanese, Korean, and Filipino schoolchildren play unusual games.

6. Chewing gum is forbidden in Singapore.

7. It’s indecent to caress kids’ heads in Thailand.

8. Japanese spouses sleep in separate beds.

9. The Vietnamese dislike cats.

10. If you don’t have a partner, you can celebrate Anti-Valentine’s Day.

11. Japanese people use ear rakes to clean the inside of their ears.

12. Instead of Christmas, people celebrate the birthday of the national leader’s granny in North Korea.

13. There is no 4th floor.

14. Tomato juice with sugar. Mmm, yummy…

15. It’s better not to be the first to enter an elevator in Japan

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