Utterly Essential Tricks to Help You Maintain Your ’Miss Perfect’

Utterly Essential Tricks to Help You Maintain Your ’Miss Perfect’

Female are very clever and they know how manage things. They always choose to look perfect despite of things went wrong as she know what to do to fix. Necessity is the mother of invention and “MOTHER” Knows what to invent.
Here we would like to share some these kinds of hacks which can save you being imperfect in some situations.

1. Stop bra strap peeping out of your tank top.

To prevent bra strap showing out of top you can attach sew-on tabs to each shoulder of the top.

2. How to remove nail varnish if not having remover.

Apply some amount of transparent nail varnish on old one and rub it smoothly before it dry out. This will remove the old varnish easily.

3. Small creases on cloth

This is such a difficult task to crease small area like between buttons and on collar where iron cannot reach. The best way to get rid of this problem is hair straightener . Rest you know.

4. Frayed shoelace ends

You can fix untidy frayed lace by applying some transparent nail varnish on it.

5. Quickly removing static from your clothes

This look very uncomfortable if clothes glued to you while walking, its due to static formation in clothes. To get rid of this rub the inner side of your dress with an anti-static napkin or material.

6. Shoes and the bad odor

To deal with this kind smelly situation you can place sack of baking soda into your shoes left overnight. Odour comes due to moisture which soda will absorb and keep smell away.

7. Run in your tight

It cannot be solved but there is a temporary solution if you are in hurry. You can spray hair spray or transparent nail varnish to prevent the hole in your nylon tight getting bigger.

8. Perfume for clothes

Dealing with bad shaggy smell in wardrobe; here is the solution. You can put a bar of soap with good fragrance in your wardrobe drawer. This fragrance will make you happy as well as cloths too.

9. Put bracelet easy way

Putting bracelet on your own is a real trick. Use a paper tape to stick with one end of bracelet to your wrist this will fix it from rotating.

10. Bra with backless dress

This is very easy. Cut strap and back support from your old bra and attack the cups inside the dress.

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