Cool Hacks that will Simplify your Life!

Cool Hacks that will Simplify your Life!

You will always find yourself struggling with these little impediments in life! Fortunately, the internet is brimming with handy life-saving tips that can help you! This great rundown of 10 life hacks will show you how to get rid of bad odor from a shoe to opening a tight lid and more!
1. Get rid of body odor naturally by rubbing lime to your skin!

2. Nothing can be more annoying than a pair of smelly shoes! Get rid of the foul smell by placing a dry tea bag in it.

3. In case your new pair of shoes feels way to tight then just stuff them tightly with wet newspaper and let it dry. The wet paper will help the shoes to expand!

4. Did you know that you can start a fire with potato chips!

5. The next time you lose small items like earrings don’t panic! Just cover the end of the vacuum with a sock or a pantyhose and start searching.

6. Clogged Drain? Simply sprinkle 1 cup of baking soda over the drain. Next, slowly pour vinegar through the drain, and finish it off by pouring piping hot water through the sink!

7. Clean a clogged shower head or other bathroom faucets by immersing it in vinegar. Keep it overnight for a better result.

8. Keep buttons from falling by securing it with transparent nail polish.

9. Place your phone in an empty glass to amplify its volume.

10. Open a tight container lid by pouring hot water over the top for a minute!

11. Waterproof matchsticks with toothpaste!

12. In case you have lost your micro sim eject pin then use a paper clip to open the sim slot!

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